ACT Class Schedule

Right now, the ACT class schedule is currently on hold for summer and fall 2016. Below I list some frequently asked questions about my services and give suggestions for other ACT test prep resources.

In the San Diego area, there are not many ACT classes, but we do have several tutors and companies that prepare students for the ACT tests. If you have not decided whether an ACT class or tutoring is needed, here are some self-study suggestions for books and materials to best prepare for the ACT exam and SAT exam.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Recommend Other Options?

To help students prepare for these tests, I have also included  my recommendations for ACT self-study prep or New SAT self-study prepIf you are interested in finding a class or tutor in the San Diego area, please click here for a list of referrals. Please check back in Fall 2016 for any changes to the ACT class schedule.

If you are in the San Diego area, the tutors and companies that I frequently recommend are Alice Humbracht, Patricia Brown, Pivot Tutors, Rat Race Tutors, and Hammer Prep. 

Do You Take on Private Clients?

For in-person tutoring for ACT of SAT, I do occasionally have room for new students to tutor privately in the Encinitas-Del Mar-Carmel Valley-Rancho Santa Fe area. These sessions are typically done at a student's home or the Encinitas library. The fees vary according to the length of the session, but the average fee is $125/80 minutes. Session can be longer, but the minimum is typically 80 minutes.

If a student is "new" to test preparation, I recommend 6-8 private sessions. If a student has already prepared and taken the test previously, 3-4 sessions if a student wants to "fine-tune" weaker parts of the exam. If interested, please e-mail me at or visit my website

Can You Tutor Students On-Line?

If you do not live in the San Diego area, I do tutor students online as well. The fee structure is less expensive ($95/80 minutes) because I exclude travel time costs. If interested, please email me at for more information. 

Note: It is also possible for students who live in the "travel" area to combine in-person and online visits.

Will ACT Prep Help Prepare for New SAT?

The New SAT and the ACT are much more similar now than previously, but I am recommending students start with the ACT. Why? 

First, the ACT has a longer track record, so we have really great test preparation materials, testing strategies, and score predictability. 

Second, the ACT is less "tricky" and the format is more straightforward than the new SAT, which tries to combine too many different question types into single sections. Most of the Reading section on the New SAT is very similar to the ACT (even the question types are almost the same). ACT Math covers a little more geometry and trigonometry, but the SAT has harder word problems (really a toss up there).

Third, the new SAT essay is VERY difficult, in fact I don't what they were thinking! To me, the questions seems comparable to the essays on the GRE, which is taken for grad school. If a student is not an excellent write and taking honors or AP English classes, forget about it (and even then be cautious). 

Note: The PSAT score does not have a Writing portion, but the New SAT does.

News & Updates

Several times each week, I post articles and test taking tips about the SAT and ACT tests as well as college admissions. These blog entries are a great way to keep current with what is happening in high school test prep and college admissions. So please bookmark this page (or subscribe to my RSS feed) and let your friends and family know about!

ACT Class Schedule: Future Updates

Please check back for updates in the ACT Class Schedule for Spring and Summer 2017.