About Coach Cristin

Since 1996 , Coach Cristin has taught private lessons and test prep classes at at several private schools, UC-Irvine Extension, and CAL-Soap. In 2001, Cristin created her own test prep business, College of My Choice, while completing her PhD. in Sociology at University of California at San Diego. When Cristin is not teaching (or adding content to this website), she enjoys hiking in the desert, cooking healthy food, and reading books on education and performance psychology. 

My Promise

If you visit Test Prep Coach on a regular basis, Coach Cristin promises you will be more educated about the test preparation process and college admissions than 99% of students and parents out there. How can I make that promise? Because in over twenty years of experience in the field, I have encountered almost every possible scenario in test preparation and college admissions. So I really DO understand the various situations of different students and families, and I am more than happy to share my experience and knowledge with you. 

Each of the entries are inspired by the questions students and parents ask Cristin every day: What are the best SAT and ACT books for preparation? When should I take the exams? Should I take the SAT or ACT? What is a good scoreMy goal is to provide a platform to answer these questions and help students and parents make the best academic and financial choices when it comes to test preparation and college admission.

More than anything, I am passionate about helping students achieve their educational goals. I grew up in a family that prioritized education, and I have continued in that tradition, working with thousands of students at both the high school and college level in small and large classes. Every year I watch my students achieve their college goals and go on to pursue their educational dreams. And that is what it is all about!

Coach Cristin's Philosophy

I continually remind my students (and parents) that test preparation is a marathon not a sprint. What that means is the best test preparation involves good planning, good technique, high quality coaching, and perseverance! What you put into your test preparation program is what you will receive in return.

With that said, without proper coaching and guidance, students can have difficulty realizing their true potential. Just like in elite athletics, no matter how talented the athlete, good coaching is absolutely essential to great performance.


In my office, I have a big wall covered with "Thank You" notes. No one succeeds alone; everyone needs teachers and coaches, of all shapes and sizes. I believe that each one of us possesses unique and special talents, but we need others to recognize and nurture our innate gifts and abilities. For me, the test preparation and college admissions process is an opportunity to realize our true potential and develop habits for high performance in any area of our lives.

Pay It Forward

In 2013, I started this website to supplement College Of My Choice, the website for my tutoring business. Everyday I receive e-mails and phone calls from parents who are looking for someone to point them in the right direction in terms of test preparation. Although the answers to these questions are easy for me, I realized that there very few websites gave expert, honest, and specific advice and solutions. So I created Test Prep Coach to fulfill that purpose.

If you enjoy the content and find it helpful, I ask you to "pay it forward" by bookmarking and recommending the website to friends, family, and school counselors. In a few months, I also hope to offer a monthly newsletter, "Test Prep Timeline" to help parents and students stay on track with test preparation and offer other helpful tips about college admissions.

Thanks so much!

Coach Cristin

Test Prep Updates: Stay Current

Several times each week, I post articles and test taking tips about the SAT and ACT tests as well as college admissions. These blog entries are a great way to keep current with what is happening in high school test prep and college admissions. So please bookmark this page (or subscribe to my RSS feed) and let your friends and family know about TestPrepCoach.com!