Coach Cristin's SAT Study Guide

So my job in creating this SAT Study Guide (and my the website in general) is to equip as many students as possible with the resources to do well on the SAT exam. Your job, as students, is to follow my advice and to study, study, study! With this guide, I pass the baton to you.

In creating this guide, I kept in mind that there are already lots of great and FREE sat prep on the Internet to supplement my SAT study guide and a few good, inexpensive and high-quality SAT prep books on the market. So my guide is designed to be an overview of the test with basic strategies that everyone can use to improve SAT scores.

How to use my SAT study guide

As you probably already know, the SAT test has three sections: Critical Reading, Math, and Writing (with essay). Some students may do great in the Math but not so hot in the Writing (that darn grammar!). Others are a whiz with words but cringe at the thought of the Math. So I created three separate sections in the guide to reflect the three different strategies.