Best SAT Vocabulary Flashcards!!

If you plan to take the SAT exam, then you need good SAT Vocabulary Flashcards, and, in my opinion, "Marie's Words: Picture Words in a Flash" is the best out there (the box contains over 550 words). Why do I love them so much? Well, first a sixteen years old created them (with lots of help from her illustrator brother and moral support from her parents). And she is from San Diego County (some hometown support). But what I love most is the positive feedback I hear from my students that work with these cards.

What makes these flashcards so special?

Unlike many SAT vocabulary flashcards on the market, Marie's Words provides an illustration (a visual) to match the definition of the word. For students who need a "hook" to memorize a word, an illustration can really "lock in" the word in a student's memory. For example, the word "altercation" highlights the CAT in the word and shows two cats fighting (and if you don't know, altercation does mean a fight or dispute), so how can you forget the word now.

The cards are just very clever and high quality. Although I have not yet met Marie, I have met her father George Bradica, who is great, and I just love supporting a family-owned, local business. I also love the idea of students helping other students raise their SAT scores. MArie Bradica created the flashcard set as part of her own SAT study plan (how amazing!) and then it just took off from there.

(click image to purchase)

(click image to purchase)

Product Features

  • Fun and original illustrations
  • Precise definitions and pronunciations
  • Synonyms and antonyms for each word
  • Numbered 1-550 for easy alphabetizing and organizing
  • Carry-ring ready for car trips!

Still not sure? Want something even more fun and unique? An alternative to the SAT vocabulary flashcards featured above would be Charis Freiman-Mendel's Cook Your Way Through the SAT. Talk about a fun and delicious way to learn new words! Great way for a parent or grandparent to help a student learn new words and spend some quality time in the kitchen.