Which Colleges Require Subject Tests Scores?

The good news is that Subject Tests scores are not longer required by most colleges. If you plan to apply to a highly selective college, however, you may need still need to submit them (see below).

Early in the college admissions process, it is important to find out whether or not you will need to submit results from these exams. Far too many students find out late in the college admissions process that they need to submit these scores to certain colleges.

Note: Because you arrived at this page, I am assuming you know about the SAT Subject Tests, but if not, read my article on the role of SAT Subject Tests in college admissions.

Colleges That Consider Subject Tests Scores

Bold = Required      Non-Bold = Recommended        Starred(*) = Considered

For an updated list of the specific requirements at these colleges, please click here.

  1. Amherst*
  2. University of Alberta
  3. Babson*
  4. Barnard*
  5. Bates*
  6. Boston College*
  7. Boston University*
  8. Brown
  9. University of California (specific majors)
  10. Cal-Tech
  11. Carleton
  12. Carnegie Mellon
  13. Case-Western*
  14. University of Chicago*
  15. Clarkson
  16. Claremont-McKenna*
  17. Colby College (test flexible)
  18. Colorado College (test flexible)
  19. Columbia University*
  20. Connecticut College*
  21. Cooper Union*
  22. Cornell
  23. Dartmouth
  24. Davidson
  25. University of Delaware
  26. Duke
  27. Emory
  28. Franklin Olin*
  29. George Washington University*
  30. University of Georgia
  31. Georgetown
  32. Hamilton (test flexible) 
  33. Harvard
  34. Harvey Mudd
  35. Ithaca College*
  36. Johns Hopkins*
  37. Kenyon College*
  38. Lafayette
  39. Macalester College*
  40. University of Miami*
  41. University of Michigan*
  42. Middleburg (test flexible)
  43. MIT
  44. McGill
  45. Mills College*
  46. University of North Carolina-Chapell Hill*
  47. Northwestern
  48. NYU (test flexible)
  49. Oberlin
  50. Occidental College*
  51. University of Pacific
  52. University of Pennsylvania
  53. Pomona*
  54. Pratt Institute
  55. Princeton
  56. Rensselaer Polyptech*
  57. Reed College*
  58. Rice
  59. University of Rochester (test flexible)
  60. Scripps College*
  61. Skidmore*
  62. Smith College*
  63. University of Southern California
  64. Stanford
  65. Steven Institute of Technology*
  66. Swarthmore*
  67. University of Toronto
  68. Tufts
  69. University of Virginia*
  70. Vanderbilt*
  71. Vassar*
  72. Washington and Lee
  73. Wake Forest
  74. Washington University - St. Louis
  75. Webb Institute
  76. Wellesley
  77. Wesleyan
  78. Williams*
  79. Yale

Note: The purpose of the list below is to make students and parents aware of which colleges currently require these tests, which I labeled in bold. What this means is that if a student plans to apply to one of these schools, then the student MUST take at least two Subject Tests. The colleges that are not bolded are the ones that recommend the Subject Tests for all applicants or of certain majors or scholarships. 

Take ACT = No Subject Tests Required

Several colleges on the list above will waive the requirement for SAT Subject Tests scores if you submit results from the ACT exam. For students with high ACT scores, especially in Math and Science, submitting the ACT may be the way to go.

Always Check Policy

Note: Please remember that colleges frequently change the requirements on a year-to-year basis, so use the list below as a guideline, but once you pull your final list together, review the actual website from the college for verification. If a college "recommends" submitting Subject Tests, take it seriously. Although "recommended" admissions (for example, Stanford) is signaling that Subject Tests are an important part of the application review.

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