Which Colleges Superscore ACT?

Knowing which colleges superscore ACT results can be really helpful. If you need more information about the process of superscoring, click here. If you are planning to take the ACT again, please check out my ACT test prep book recommendations.

In this post, I discuss all of the different submission options for the ACT and SAT. It helps to understand ALL options before submitting test scores. Below is a list of 150+ colleges that superscore ACT exam.  Understanding the power of superscores is a major  advantage in college admissions! 

150+ Colleges That Superscore ACT

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  1. Albion College
  2. Albright College
  3. Alfred University
  4. Allegheny College
  5. Amherst College
  6. Babson College
  7. Ball State University
  8. Bard College
  9. Baylor University
  10. Bates College*
  11. Beloit College
  12. Bentley College
  13. Boston College
  14. Boston University*
  15. Brandeis University
  16. Butler University
  17. California Institute of Technology*
  18. California State University System (not UC system)
  19. California Polytechnic (Cal-Poly, San Luis Obispo)
  20. Champlain College
  21. Claremont-McKenna
  22. Clark University
  23. Colby College
  24. Colgate University
  25. Columbia University*
  26. Colombia College (MO)
  27. Colorado College
  28. Connecticut College
  29. Cornell College
  30. Denison University
  31. DePauw University
  32. Dickinson College*
  33. Drew University
  34. Drexel University
  35. Duke University
  36. Duquesne University
  37. Earlham College
  38. Eastman College of Music
  39. Embry-Riddle University
  40. Eckerd College
  41. Elon University
  42. Emerson College
  43. Florida Atlantic University
  44. Florida State University
  45. Franklin University (Switzerland)
  46. Furman University
  47. George Mason University
  48. Georgia Tech*
  49. Gettysburg College
  50. Gonzaga University
  51. Goucher College
  52. Grinell College
  53. Hamilton College*
  54. Hampden-Sydney College
  55. Hanover College
  56. Harvey Mudd*
  57. Haverford College
  58. Hawaii Pacific University
  59. Hendrix College
  60. High Point University
  61. Hiram College
  62. Hollins University
  63. College of Holy Cross
  64. Illinois Institute of Technology
  65. Indiana University-Bloomington
  66. Ithaca College
  67. Johns Hopkins University
  68. Kalamazoo College
  69. Kenyon College
  70. Kettering University
  71. Knox College
  72. Lafayette College
  73. Lawrence University
  74. Loyola University in Maryland
  75. Loyola University in New Orleans
  76. Middlebury College
  77. MIT*
  78. Millsaps College
  79. Montana State University
  80. NCAA Clearinghouse
  81. New York University*
  82. Northeastern University
  83. North Carolina State University
  84. Ohio-Wesleyan University
  85. Olin College of Engineering
  86. Pomona College*
  87. Providence College
  88. Purdue University*
  89. Regis University
  90. Rochester Institute of Technology
  91. Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
  92. San Diego State
  93. Seattle University
  94. Seton Hall
  95. Spring Hill College
  96. Smith College
  97. St. John’s College
  98. St. Mary's - Notre Dame and MN
  99. Stanford University*
  100. Swarthmore College*
  101. Syracuse University
  102. Texas Christian University
  103. Towson University
  104. Trinity College
  105. Troy University
  106. Tufts University
  107. United States Naval Academy
  108. University of Arkansas*
  109. University of Chicago
  110. University of Cincinnati
  111. University of Colorado – Boulder
  112. University of Connecticut*
  113. University of Dayton
  114. University of Delaware
  115. University of Denver
  116. University of Georgia
  117. University of Illinois*
  118. University of Louisiana – Lafayette*
  119. University of Maryland
  120. University of Mary Washington*
  121. University of Massachusetts, Amherst
  122. University of Miami
  123. University of New Haven
  124. University of New Mexico
  125. University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
  126. University of North Texas*
  127. University of Portland
  128. University of Pittsburgh
  129. University of Puget Sound
  130. University of Redlands
  131. University of Rhode Island
  132. University of Rochester
  133. University of San Diego
  134. University of San Francisco
  135. University of South Florida
  136. University of Tampa
  137. University of Tennessee-Knoxville
  138. University of Vermont
  139. Valparaiso University
  140. Vassar College
  141. Virginia Commonwealth University
  142. Virginia Tech
  143. Wabash College
  144. Wake Forest University*
  145. Washington and Jefferson College
  146. Washington State University
  147. Washington University-St. Louis
  148. Wellesley College*
  149. Wesleyan University
  150. Wheaton College
  151. West Point Academy
  152. Wheaton College
  153. Williams College
  154. Xavier University

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Note: Some colleges are listed with (*) to connote some minor adjustments to this policy. For example, some schools do not recalculate the ACT Composite score (a "true" superscore ACT) but do consider the highest score in each individual section of the ACT test (which amounts to just about the same thing).

Also, if you have a different test policy for a college listed above or you know a college not on the list that does superscore, please contact me. Colleges can change testing policies, so any help is very appreciated.

What About the ACT Essay Score?

Beginning September 2015, the ACT test changed its score reporting policy for the essay portion. Now, the essay will be graded on a similar scale as the multiple choice portion (1-36). The essay portion, however, is NEVER included in the ACT Composite Score (and very few colleges, if any, use the essay in the superscore ACT). So far, most colleges are not including the essay portion in the superscore because the essay is still not included in the Composite score.

My feeling from talking to other college counselors, admission representatives, and my students is that most schools will not use the Combined English/Writing score, but the schools may consider the actual essay score. If you are concerned about your ACT essay score, please read my tips on how to achieve the best score possible in the ACT essay portion.

For the essay, I really like the College Panda's ACT Essay: The Battle-tested Guide because the person who gives the advice has experience testing for the New ACT Essay prompt (most guides rely on outdated material for this section). Not every college requires the ACT Essay, but many do, so I always recommend sitting for this section. 

Comparing SAT to Superscore ACT

Knowing how the colleges use your superscore ACT and the submission options is really helpful. Before you decide which scores to send to colleges, read my article on "Should I Submit My ACT or SAT Score?", which gives a run-down on all the submission options.

If you are not sure how to compare your ACT score to the new SAT, this is the best conversion calculator that I could find.

Taking the ACT Again?

If a college superscores, a student has an advantage when submitting multiple scores from different tests. Many of my students take the ACT 2-3 times to attain the best ACT superscore. My list of ACT prep book recommendations is a good place to start for both general review and targeted test preparation for individual sections too.

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